Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scary Day!

Yesterday was a scary day. I no longer like Fridays! Ugh! Matt and I were out and about doing errands and as usual I had to use the restroom (ah pregnancy). So, I did when we got to Sam's Club. I had been having spotting now for about a week, but it was either brown or pink (normal I guess) and there wasn't much there. Well, this time it was not spotting and it was bright red. On top of this, I had been having bad cramping all day. I thought for sure I was having a miscarriage.

So, Matt took me to the ER (with Keith in tow) where we had to wait for four hours before anyone could see us. It was a busy night! Thankfully, there was a little boy there who Keith could hang out with. The nurses even gave them each a Hot Wheels car to play with (and keep). When we did get in the doc checked me out and said I looked okay but they would do an ultrasound just in case.

Since it was so late at night there were no doctors working in US but there were technicians. The first thing the tech told us was that she couldn't tell us anything because she wasn't authorized and the hospital could get sued. Understandable but disappointing. But Matt has been through this before and as soon as the little bean was on the screen he pointed out the heart beating. He said to the tech, "I know you can't tell us but that's the heart right?" She smiled and said, "I can't tell you what that number is either."

167 bpm. That's a good and healthy heart rate! She even printed a picture for us.

Needless to say, everything is fine and I was worried for nothing. What a great start! :p