Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In the past week Avalyn has learned how to: pull herself up into standing position, crawl, and has gotten her two bottom teeth. What a week!

The teething thing has been happening for a few days now and hasn't seemed to bother her much. She just eats from a spoon differently - she won't let me put the spoon in her mouth, just sucks food off of it. We got off pretty easy with that one. Lots of kids are in constant pain and don't eat at all, or sleep for that matter. I was explaining that to Keith yesterday when he asked me a question I couldn't answer.

He wanted to know when he got his first teeth, and if he still slept when they were coming in - I told him that it wasn't marked in his book so I didn't know. He didn't believe me and looked for himself. While he was looking for that he noticed a lot of other things weren't filled out... Needless to say he was pretty upset with his dad and biological mom because they didn't fill out very well. I tried to make him feel better about the whole thing by making pizza for dinner (a WW version that turned out to be delicious!) one of Keith's favorite foods. After dinner Keith had fun moving around the living room trying to get Avalyn to follow him.

Now that Avalyn can crawl that's all she wants to do. We were up until 1:30 last night because she kept getting up and crawling over to me, and pulling herself up on her crib. She finally wore herself out and fell asleep on her tummy. That didn't last long. She woke up at 4:30, then 5:00, then 5:30... see where I'm going with this?

She caught my cold and had a fever and stuffy nose. So at nine I finally gave up trying to sleep in the bed with Avalyn in her crib and came out to the living room. Avalyn played for a bit and at 10:30 started shrieking. Her fever was back so I gave her some Infant Tylenol and teething drops and brought her out to the living room again where we sat in the recliner and fell asleep. We slept for three wonderful hours! She's refreshed and crawling all over the floor and I feel well enough to try to make Chinese food tonight.

This post is pretty dull, so I'll leave you with a picture.

I'm editing this to add something I forgot...

In my last post I mentioned that I sleep better when I can hear Avalyn breathing. Like most parents SIDS scares the crap out of me. I know it's rare - and everyone hopes it won't happen to them... but it happens. :'(

Well I decided to buy myself a little gadget to help give me peace of mind when Avalyn's out of hearing distance.

I found the Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitor on Amazon for half of what it's going for now. It's so great. I just hook it to her diaper and turn it on and it monitors her breathing, no matter how much she moves! If it doesn't sense her diaphragm moving after fifteen seconds it vibrates to stimulate her breathing, if it still doesn't sense something five seconds later it beeps until someone turns it off. It's gone off two times for me because I didn't have it on snug enough... But I'd rather have a false alarm than it not going off at all.

So now when her nap goes a bit longer than normal I feel okay. I still check (what can I say?) but I'm not panicky. I'm sure this little device isn't for everyone, but I was one of the crazy moms who bought a fetal doppler so I could hear Avalyn's heartbeat when I was pregnant. Again, it gave me peace of mind to know my baby was okay.

Technology may hate me (I've destroyed more computers than I can count) but I LOVE technology! :)