Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I can't think of a title...

So, our little family has been busy the past month! We went to our first church service in TC and enjoyed ourselves. Matt really liked it which was a huge surprise. Avalyn liked the singing, but wanted to continue during the quiet times. What can you do? The next service is Sunday and we're looking forward to it.

Keith got an awesome report from parent-teacher conferences. He has all A's and a B+ and is one of the better listeners in class. Now if he could only apply the listening skills at home, too, we'd be set! He's still stealing from me though, and I don't know what else to do. I've taken away his toys, put him in the corner, taken his piggy bank and even threatened to take his Christmas presents back... nothing is working though. He only takes what I leave sitting on the counter (like quarters and other shiny coins... he's a raccoon I swear! lol!) so it's not as if he's taking a lot. I still believe that stealing is stealing and no matter how little it is, it's wrong. Especially when I tell him if he wants something, all he has to do is ask. He'll get it through his head one day, hopefully...

Avalyn is eating solid food now. I'm giving her two feedings a day and I'm going to up it to three in a week or so. She's SO big now! She fits into 12 month clothing. I got her a 3-6 month dress for her pictures that are happening in a couple days, but dresses fit differently. Here's hoping the place take a good portrait! I'm so excited to see the difference from her 3 month to 6 month photos. She has also started laughing, a really belly laugh, but only occasionally. It's so cute! I had a great video of it, but my camera decided to crap out and erase it. I bought a program that found all of the images and the video, but the audio and the video are separate files. Unfortunately the video is in a format that windows doesn't recognize so I have to find a program that will convert it so I can use my video editor to add the sound back. What a mess!

In other news, about three weeks ago Avalyn threw up all over our bed at 1:00 AM. Awesome right? Well we had a mattress cover on that was supposed to keep anything from contaminating the mattress. Well, it didn't do its job. I called Art Van and someone came out to inspect it and now we are getting a new mattress, all we have to pay is the delivery charge. They'll be bringing the new mattress tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I plan on bringing up the Christmas things and getting the house decked out for the holiday season.

Keith has soooooo many presents it's insane. I don't know where he's going to put them. We got Avalyn a few developmental toys and a glow-worm. I found the perfect gifts for Matt but he says I'm hard to shop for. I don't know why. I told him I wanted an ipod charging station and a necklace I saw at Things Remembered that has the kids birth stones in it. He wants to get me more than that... I don't understand him. I think that those two things are too much! He STILL doesn't understand that I don't care about 'things' and that I just want to spend the day with him and the kids. And that I want the kids (mainly Keith) to have a great Christmas. I told him that if he cleaned the house for me while I was sleeping THAT would be the greatest Christmas present EVER. But he doesn't think so. Are all men this weird, or is it just mine?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ah November...

When Keith was in school two weeks ago Avalyn and I went on a little trip to the cottage. Crazy right? It is November in northern Michigan after all. We had a wind storm so I wanted to make sure the cottage made it through all right.

The good news? The cottage is a-okay!

The bad news? There are branches and debris everywhere! Also, the birch tree that was by the steps heading down to the lake fell over. Just missed the cottage. Phew!

After that we went back home, and I found that Avalyn's new car seat arrived! Hooray! It's been a busy month so far, but that's okay by me!

The lake!

Mommy and Avalyn!


New car seat! Cowmooflage!

Five days, five weeks, five months... doubt I'll do five years like this! ;)

Avalyn's photoshoot with mommy. :)