Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flutter..? Popcorn..? Gas..? No!

So today I was sitting on the couch minding my own business when I feel something fluttery in my belly. I waited a second and it happened again. My little Avalyn moved! So awesome! No, it didn’t feel like gas at all. It felt more like being on a roller coaster when your stomach sort of drops. I texted my dad right away to tell him because I had to share with someone! So cool!!! It gets more and more real every day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's a....

Baby! ;) Gotcha!

Normal. That was a word I saw a lot of on Thursday. Amniotic Fluid - Normal, Cervix - Normal, Weight - Normal. I don't think I've ever loved that word more. Although I may have used the word extraordinary.

The drive to the doctors office was horrible. The pain in my back was pretty intense and it was hard for me to focus on why I was getting into the car. A day that was supposed to be so fun, that I've been looking forward to since I found out I was pregnant was now being overshadowed by agony. Thankfully Matt knew how I was feeling and distracted me as best he could.

We didn't have to wait long at the doctor’s office, maybe five minutes. That was pretty great. First thing we did was see the Ultra Sound technician. She had me hop up on the table (as well as any pregnant woman can hop) and lie down. Talk about uncomfortable! All I could focus on was my back. That ruined the entire visit, I’m not going to lie. The lady was checking things off her list as normal (yey!) and where certain things were, while I was watching my baby on the flat screen. I saw hands and feet and a nose and a little beating heart. Very cool, but I was really tired of lying down.

Finally she asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. Anyone who knows me will know I can’t wait for anything; I’m the person that reads spoilers for everything and the last page of a book before I read the first chapter. So, yes, we wanted to know the sex of the baby! So she did her little waving of the magic wand and pointed out parts to us as she saw them - we got to see all ten toes, that was wild! I was fully expecting to see boy parts pop out at me (because everyone says Clisso’s have boys) so I was thinking of the name we picked and I suddenly hate it. Jaxon? What were we thinking?! As I’m panicking silently Matt is smiling with anticipation.

“It looks like you’re having a girl!” The tech said with a smile.

I was totally dumbfounded. “What?”

“It’s a girl, it’s Avalyn!” Matt said to me, “Why aren’t you more excited?”

I was excited, but I was in pain and now shock. I got my little girl that I’ve always wanted. She’s here, in my belly, and NORMAL. Everything was exactly as it should be but my stupid back ruined everything. Grr!

The rest of the visit was a blur. We got a similac diaper bag (which came with formula that I do not plan on using) and pictures of our daughter and a book and magazine. At least I have reading material while I’m stuck in that stupid recliner. We texted/called everyone who wanted to know and only got one negative reaction but I don’t care. I have a daughter and I love her. My little Avalyn Kay. As soon as my back is better a happy dance will be in order. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today is not my day...

So, yesterday and the day before I felt pretty fantastic, today not so much. I'm not saying the days were easy but there were many wonderful things that happened to make the bad disappear. Today I'm not feeling too much wonderfulness. I feel something but I’m not sure what it is.

I woke up with horrible pain on the right side of my body. I thought I had back pain a few weeks ago, but this really takes the cake. Matt got home just as I was waking up, and bless his heart, tried to make me feel better by rubbing my back. It helped until I had to go to work. So here I sit on a drafting chair during my lunch break wondering why the pain has shifted to my pelvis.

I hope to feel better when I get home, where I can take time to listen to my body and make sure everything is okay. Until then, I'm here, looking at this too saturated picture wondering why this printer chooses now to act like the piece of junk I know it is.

Can I please go home now?