Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sleep Issues

No, Avalyn is not having any problems sleeping. She's wonderful!

However, I need to vent about some of the insanity I've read on the web lately. I do not believe in letting a baby "cry-it-out" not one bit. As far as I'm concerned a baby cries because they need something. They don't cry to manipulate or control their parents. They're babies for crying out loud! They could be hungry, need a diaper change, be uncomfortable or just need comfort etc.

It kills me to read about parents doing this to their child(ren). Plus, there are still doctors out there who advocate it. They say that the baby learns to accept that crying won't get them what they want. What?! That's how a baby communicates! Take that away and what do they have?

In reality the baby realizes that their parents aren't coming and they can't count on them. The baby shuts down! Isn't that heartbreaking? Babies don't understand that at night it's time to sleep and parents don't want to get up. They don't understand why mom and dad take care of their every need during the day but won't help them at night. It makes me want to cry!

I was told that I just haven't been at my wits end yet so I don't know. Whatever, crazy-person-who-has-no-idea-what-my-life-is-like, I have been at my wits end and I have put Avalyn in her cradle and walked away for a minute or two to catch my breath. But it was only a minute or two. I can't let her cry by herself longer than that. It kills me. And I think it's total bull that "it hurts the parents more than the baby." I can hear my daughter when she cries and she's hurting (not physically) and she needs me.

Newsflash folks: Babies need their caregivers! Yes, it's hard to give and give and give and lose sleep and not be able to do your own thing... but when that child smiles at you... it's so worth it!

Who cares how you get your baby to sleep, either? Why do they have to "learn to do it themselves" when they can't even sit up on their own? Avalyn falls asleep after nursing. Sometimes she falls asleep after playing. Sometimes she wants to walk around the house. And then there are the few days she falls asleep on her own. Even fewer days she wants me to lay down next to her. Do I fall asleep the same way every night? No. Sometimes I'm so tired I just crash. Other times I watch tv, or play sudoku, or read... why does a baby have to do the SAME thing every night? They're human too, right?

Okay, I'm done venting. And I hear Avalyn waking up. I'm going to see what she needs. Because she does need something. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Costume is Finished!!

Okay so after a lot of hand sewing and swearing at my sewing machine I am finished!

I made Avalyn's first Halloween costume. And it's reversible so she can wear it again when we go outside. :)

The reversible jacket!

The pants are reversible, too.


The ensemble!

My little cow!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


This date last year was when we had a scare (I was six weeks pregnant) and I had to go to the emergency room. What could have been a sad/scary day turned out great! I got to see my baby girl (didn't know that yet) for the first time and watch the fast flutter of her heart. Amazing!

While waiting in the ER a Baptist minister, was there for someone in his congregation who was ill or hurt (I don't know the whole story), walked over to us and told us he knew they were there for me. I must have had a funny look on my face or something because he took my hand and told me everything would be okay and he would pray for us. I really wish I knew his name, or the location of his church, because he was such a nice man who gave me so much peace that night and I would love to visit his church.

Matt and I haven't found a church to join up here yet (because I am very picky) and it's starting to be a problem. I want to get Avalyn baptized and I would like to take Keith to church. I have never been overly religious and believe that if I lead a good life and listen to the Lord's teachings and follow them the best I can, then I am doing better than some. But lately Keith has been starting to read the Bible and is asking questions that I don't feel comfortable answering, so I think it's time to find a church.

I would also like to start to get to know people up here. We've lived here for three years and haven't made many friends that we see outside of work and it's hard to be so isolated.

We do have a few obstacles in the way... Getting up early (or going to bed late in Matt's case) will be very difficult with Avalyn, she is not an early morning baby. Also, Matt and I come from different denominations. I grew up in the UCC and Matt as a Lutheran. Also apparently he's turned off to churches entirely because of past issues, which I understand completely! So finding a place that suits us will be hard.

What we want to find in a church:
Open mindedness
Someplace small
A place that is not manipulative
A place with a nursery
Friendly people
A place that welcomes LGBT people - With all of these horrible stories in the news I feel like I need to be in a place that does not look down on these people but welcome them with open arms. I will NOT willingly be part of a place that believes in oppression. >:(

Okay, I'm off to find a church! Wish me luck!!!


I think we may have found a church up here to be a part of! They are affiliated with the UCC and seem really open minded. They only meet monthly in the evening (we don't have to get up early and try to get both kids ready) so it will fit in perfectly with our lifestyle! The next time they meet is November 7, so we are going to go check them out. I've contacted their communications lady and she seems very nice and welcoming. I'm really looking forward to this! :)

The Potter's House UCC

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Better Today

Started today off fresh (I'm not counting the awful headache, boo!) and decided that Avalyn will be a cow! I will be making the replacement. This way she won't be dressed like every other cow. She will be unique. Hooray! Onward to the fabric store!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Way Bummed...

Last year (the day after Halloween) Matt and I got this ADORABLE cow costume for Avalyn's first Halloween. Well, come to find out, It's missing parts!

I thought I was being so smart getting a costume early (and on sale no less!!) but apparently not. Now I need to find her a different costume in a short period of time, because I want her first Halloween to be special.

There's so much out there but I can't seem to find the good enough option because my heart was set on her being a cow. I have been dreaming about dressing my baby as a cow for her first Halloween since I've wanted a baby, so this is proving to be harder than I thought it would be.

I'm so bummed! What a ridiculous thing to be bummed about, but here I sit, writing a blog entry because I have no one else to talk to about it. :'( I'm so frustrated!