Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mama Drama

I really think that being a mom is a tough job. No matter what we do as moms we are judged. Parents who co-sleep are judged. Parents who let their baby stay in their own bedroom from day 1 are judged. Parents who spank are judged. Parents who let their kids do their own thing are judged.

It's one thing to be judged by people who don't have kids, because they always say, "I would never do that, I'd do this..." No big deal because they don't really know what kids are like. But when parents judge each other - that's when it hurts.

I have a friend who has formula fed from day one and her baby is great. Happy and healthy, great little sleeper and a sweetie to boot. I have been breastfeeding exclusively - meaning no bottles. I also have a very happy and healthy baby who is as sweet as can be. Why the breastfeeding/formula debate? Why do breastfeeding moms look down on formula feeding moms? We can co-exist happily. And why do people look at breastfeeding moms like we're insane? I don't feed Avalyn in public because I know people are uncomfortable with it. When people hear that I'm still breastfeeding I get the worst looks. Granted it's only happened a few times, and most of the time it was family, but it still makes me feel like a freak.

Lately I have been filled with self doubt. About everything. And it's awful. It pretty much started last week at the dentist when the hygienist told me it was time to wean my baby. This whole time I was planning on breastfeeding until one year and let her slowly self wean. Now I'm feeling weird about it. Am I ruining my child? I don't think so. But apparently other people disagree.

I really hope someday we can butt out of each other's business (unless kids are being abused) and let each other parent our own children our own way and only offer advice and opinions when it's asked for. Until then I will keep conversation light (because apparently breastfeeding is a touchy subject) and try not to let people get to me. Easier said than done!