Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm having a Rory Gilmore moment - it's pro/con list time!

Matt and I are thinking about buying a house, which means moving. We are looking in Buckley, Kingsley, Interlochen and Traverse City... There are pros and cons in each city. And this is where I will be listing them!

1. Keith Stays in the same school and keeps his friends
2. We like the town
3. It's only a short trip from our doctor's office
4. It's in between Cadillac and Traverse so I could get a job in either city
5. We are not far away from a wonderful daycare provider
6. We trust the after school care provider near Keith's school

1. It's in the middle of two cities, but it's still a far drive to town
2. Propane gas - need I say more?
3. Ace Communications - Boo!

1. Great schools
2. Central location
3. Inexpensive housing
4. Has amenities close by

1. Don't know the area
2. Propane gas
3. Unknown utility companies
4. Have to move Keith away from school and friends
5. No clue about any daycares in the area

1. Know and love the area
2. Close to the cottage
3. Good schools
4. Amenities in town
5. Natural Gas
6. High speed internet

1. Longer trip to doctors office
2. Have to move Keith away from school and friends
3. Daycare unknown