Thursday, March 18, 2010

Keith = Awesome Kid

I was dreading this evening all day. I think parent teacher conferences are just as hard for the parents as they are for the kids, I’m telling ya!

Keith has been on his ADD meds for over a month now and he has improved so much! Earlier in the year the teacher called an emergency conference because his behavior in class was awful and she thought they’d have to hold him back. This conference was totally different. Keith is reading at almost a third grade level and he is in first grade. Keep in mind he had no interest in reading at all until last year. Amazing! His math skills are at second grade level and he is where he needs to be socially. How awesome is this kid? I’m so proud to call him my son.

It was so hard to hear the teacher say such awful things about him before because I knew he could do the work. I knew he could behave. He just wasn’t. Apparently ADD is why. I’m glad we took him to a real psychologist and got him therapy before getting tested for ADD. This psychologist knows his stuff and I trust his judgment. Keith has never been hyper or anything just a scatterbrain. I always told people his brain moves to fast for his mouth, and that was why. Ever since he has been on medication he has been so much better. And Matt has been better since his medication, too.

The icing on the cake? Keith’s teacher used his handwriting as a sample so other parents could see how their kids should be able to write. Way to go Keith!

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