Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trip Downstate

Avalyn and I went downstate for a couple of days to visit my parents and Penny. We also dropped Keith off with Domi. Penny gave me a bunch of bottles to try on Ava since she still won't take one. Here's hoping one works. It would make traveling a bit easier. If she doesn't like them, that's okay, we'll figure something out.

For those wondering; Ava is still sleeping through the night. Her co-sleeper is a lifesaver. She won't sleep longer than an hour and a half alone unlesss it's in my bed and that's not safe for her. With her co-sleeper she can sleep alone but still see me when she opens her eyes. She likes that reassurance that mom is still there and I like that she's close enough for me to feed her at night without either of us waking up fully. I sleep better now than I ever did when I was pregnant. Not having to pee every hour is great!

Matt doesn't like the idea of co-sleeping much but since I am the one who has to feed her he understands. :) Not to mention with all of the reading I've done on it, it really seems like the best choice for Ava and me. Too bad western culture usually doesn't agree. :-/

Avalyn and Andy

Weird face!

Happy to be home!

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