Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

So we had Christmas already! Well kind of. We went to GR and had a celebration with the family early (since Keith is with Domi from the 17-24th). The kids got lots of toys and we had an eventful drive home! We were welcomed back to good ol' northern Michigan with a blizzard. Boo!

Thankfully we made it home safely. I've already gone out in it again (yep, that's what we do up here, drive in the snow!) to get a new camera with my Christmas money! Woot!

Here are some pictures of the festivities (you'll be able to see the difference on picture quality for sure):

Avalyn's first snow


Keith's bed!

Someone likes Christmas lights!

So sleepy!

This is how the crib is set up in our room!

Good thing she likes the snow!

Keith likes shoveling (which is awesome because I don't!)

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