Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Season!

We had a very eventful holiday season here! Well, not here completely. We had to go to Grand Rapids to visit family of course. We had five Christmas's in three days. That is packed! Oddly enough though, no one had snow except for us! And we only had a dusting. Crazy Michigan weather!

Here's our living room all decked out for Christmas!

Keith's holiday photo.
 My beautiful kids.

Avalyn's holiday photo. She's giving a toy reindeer a kiss - she has no idea that she decapitated it.

My reindeer is dead!

Sugar cookies decorated by Keith.

Christmas morning! Well the morning of the 23rd... Keith wasn't with us on Christmas day.

Game boy color! Woot!


Avalyn kissing her new baby.

This lens is my new toy. Ha!

Aren't they a hoot?

Someone likes her ball pit!

Daddy likes it, too.

Christmas party that night at Matt's parent's house. This is cousin Alyssa wearing the outfit I made for her. Her mom, Val, loves Sponge Bob, so this is really for her. ;)

Avalyn rocking her new cowgirl hat and boots from Nana.

Avalyn says: You know, Alyssa, your ensemble is missing something...

Avalyn: *Thunk* Try my hat!
Alyssa: You're right, it's perfect!

 This is Val the Sheep. With Baby Alyssa Lamb on top of her. They are also ready for the holidays. Matt's dad loves sheep, and Val found the big sheep for him, so she was named in her honor. And of course the baby is named in Alyssa's honor. :)

She would probably fit in pretty well in Texas.

This is the best picture I could get of them. Toddlers really don't like to sit still!

My Dad and Avalyn at their Christmas party bunch the next day.

Keith showing off his sweatshirt Grandma (my mom) made for him.

Matt got a bunch of pegs for his board in the garage. Of course he loves them.

Mack (the dog) got a ball from Grandpa and Grandma. All the pictures I took of him opening the wrapped up  ball are blurry, but it was pretty funny to watch.

The tool kit Matt has wanted for years. Lucky guy!

Avalyn trying on her new pretty shoes from Grandma and Grandpa.

Clearly she needs some practice walking in them!

Playing peek-a-boo with Grandma, and wearing the coat Grandma made her.

Christmas day, Aunt Mary was trying to help Avalyn put Santa's hat on her new elephant.

It's Evan! He loves Christmas! ;)

We went home after this and got some much needed rest in our own bed. Avalyn still loves her ball pit and is enjoying all of the gifts she got for Christmas. We're enjoying our gifts, too. I got a fancy new coat! Yey winter! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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