Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Pinterest Challenge Fleece Fun!

Pinterest Challenge Time! Woot! Somehow I found time in between my Etsy orders to whip something up. I had scrap fleece just hanging out in a tote begging for some attention. So, I went to Pinterest and searched "fleece." Wow! My "Thread the Needle" board just got a lot bigger. There's so much out there you can do with fleece. I also searched "felt" because I had some leftover from making an owl costume for a friend. I pinned a bunch of felt things, but nothing really struck my fancy as something I had to do RIGHT NOW! Know what I mean?

I had to choose between a lot of neat stuff to make, and most of my fleece was "girly" which meant it had to be something for Avalyn. She's running low on warm weather wear, and being that today's high was 37 degrees, she's going to need some. I settled on a pleated fleece skirt from fleecefun.com.

I didn't take pictures of the whole process, because let's face it when you have a two year old and four month old those precious ten seconds usually used to take a picture can be better spent finishing the job. Hmmm... can we say run on sentence?

I already sewed the pieces of the skirt together at this point. Look at my shiny new scissors, though! And they have a sheath like a sword! 

Sewing the box pleats.

Oh, so pretty.

Yes, I was watching Nicolas sleep while working.

Oh, no! He woke up before I finished. Drat!

Sorry for the wonky photo. Night time and bad overhead lighting made me have to resort to *gasp* the on camera flash! Oh nos!

Look her hair is long enough for a pony tail! And yes, her boots are on the wrong feet. Crazy kid.

Now you're thinking, "She needed warmer clothes and you made her a skirt? You are beyond crazy." It's true. I am. To make up for the crazy I added my own flare to the outfit. Notice her shirt doesn't match either? The horror!

Long story (I'm lying, there's no story, but this is what people say) short, I made her some pants and a top to go with it.

She's so happy about it, too! Aw. The pony tail has vanished as well. Apparently, half a day is enough before the mess has to reappear. Where the hair tie vanished to, I'll never know.

Also, I moved my sewing room from the laundry/utility room into the office/guest room. The furnace was too loud. Seriously, with the door closed it was like, "Oh, I hear a gentle hum... it means glorious fall has returned and the house will be toasty and smell of baked apples and cinnamon." Not so much, people. In the laundry room it's more like this: "It's so peaceful sewing in here, the kids are playing just outside the open door... it's truly magica- *THUM BANG* OMG IT'S A FREIGHT TRAIN THAT'S BARRELING DOWN ON MY HOUSE! Oh... oh, it's just the furnace. What's that kids? You need me? I'm sorry I've gone deaf!" Which reminds me, I need to bone up on my sign language.

Where was I? Oh, yes, here are the additions to the outfit.

Pink shirt with patterned cuffs and collar. And a pair of pants with ruffled, patterned bottoms.

She could wear it without the pants, too, of course.

I also made her a headband, but she was done with the photo-op, enough to tell me she didn't love me anymore. Ouch. Don't worry she calmed down and came back later and said, "I'm so sorry, Mommy, I love you, too." Collective, "Aw..." Wait... this isn't a Full House rerun?

A few weeks back, I also made her a Rainbow Dash sweat suit. Complete with cutie marks. I need to fix the "hair" on the hood. Yuck. Otherwise I like it.

My next project: Avalyn's Christmas present. I actually bought a pattern for this next thing. Shocker!
Yeah, it's trending. #RainbowDash

Clearly, I need to go to sleep. Hope everyone else had amazing results with their challenges and nothing like this:


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