Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve, which doesn't really mean a whole lot other than Christmas is tomorrow. Matt and I went to the doctor today with Keith in tow to have a check up.

We all got to listen to Helmets heart flutter away. It was amazing! Helmets heart rate is still very strong and fast, beating in the 160's again. When we first saw it at six weeks the heart was beating in the 160's.

There's only four more weeks before the next ultrasound. Four long weeks. I will be twenty weeks pregnant at that point and the doctor can give Helmet a proper check up to make sure s/he is growing properly and that s/he is healthy. With as strong as Helmets heart is and as sick as s/he made me in the beginning, I'm sure s/he is fine. I am so excited to see Helmet again to see how big s/he will be.

The best part about that appointment will be getting to find out if Helmet is a boy or a girl (I'm guessing she's a girl)! At that time I might stop calling the baby Helmet but I can't guarantee that other people will stop!

Well, it is getting late and I need get to sleep before Santa gets here!

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