Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moving Truck has Come and Gone!

So this week-weekend has been a busy one!

I had my midterms (awesome timing), it was a holiday weekend, Keith's birthday weekend and the only weekend we could rent a truck for a decent price.

We went with Budget and picked up the truck Thursday night at 5:30 and had a two day rental so we were supposed to drop it off on Saturday night at 5:30. Not a lot of time, but we couldn't spend more than what we paid. Here's were the awesome sets in: The lady at Budget said that they were closing Saturday at 2:00 PM and would be closed for the rest of the holiday weekend, meaning they weren't re-opening until Tuesday at 8:00 AM. She said as long as the truck was there when she came in Tuesday we could have it all weekend! *Insert happy-dance here*

Yes, you heard it right folks: Memorial weekend discount on top of a 30% Memorial weekend discount. We paid (with mileage) $300, versus $450. Woot!

My dad came up on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday night? My days are blurring together!) to watch Avalyn while I moved our things. Avalyn has a Grandpa addiction now, I really think he's her favorite person. It's cute!

We ate our first meal in the new house - fried chicken on the white berber carpet in the dining room. Same way my brother, mom, dad and I did when we moved to the house in Jenison in 1991. :)

Penny and Evan came up to help, too, because they are the best brother and sister a girl could ask for!! And they worked their tails off in the basement while I worked on my midterm. Guilt! Mom and Dad ended up watching Avalyn for the night because we were still at the old house til one or two. It was the longest night of my life - seriously. Not to mention I'm still breastfeeding so it was painful, too. I kept waking up and freaking out when she wasn't next to me, but I reminded myself that my parents are amazing people and Avalyn would be fine. I woke up at 7:30 and was dressed and to the cottage by quarter after eight to see her!

We worked diligently the rest of the weekend while mom and dad watched the kids because, like I said, they're awesome! At some point mom brought up Keith's birthday and Sandy sending a package with her for Keith that he wasn't allowed to open until his birthday... somehow it was suggested that Monday (Memorial Day) we throw Keith and impromptu birthday party at the cottage before they headed back downstate. I was on board, after all, Avalyn was going to get a party, why shouldn't Keith?

So Penny, Matt and I went to Sam's Club, bought a cake, Penny bought Keith a present. I wrapped the present I already bought and we were ready to party!

It's been busy, but it was a good time... well except for one tragedy. Auggie, my wonderful dog, died while we stayed the night at the new house. We left her with food and water in her kennel and before we left I petted her and said goodbye for the night, but she was gone the next day. We're guessing it was a seizure - she had a history of those. I was so excited for her to have 2 acres to run around on but I guess she has an infinite amount of acres to run around on in heaven. I love you, Auggie, you were the best dog ever!

The CJ is ready to go!

The Goat is loaded! Thanks to the help of our super neighbor! We couldn't have done it without him! Such a nice guy!

Keith's cake

Rest in Peace Auggie-Doggie
Augustine Lentz
2/04 - 5/28/11

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