Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband Matty! I seem to remember saying last year that maybe we'd go on a date this year. That didn't happen! But I'm not disappointed at all.

We spent the day unpacking and playing with Avalyn. We did get bourbon chicken for dinner but otherwise we didn't do anything that would be considered date-like.

My life has changed so much from this time last year and I would never go back. I'm so thankful every day for my husband and beautiful baby girl and Keith (but he wasn't with us today). I hope next year is as good as this year. Although, I do hope to be unpacked by then! ;)

My surprise from Matty! My favorite flower! And I can plant them somewhere outside at our new house! Yey! :D

And now some pictures of our wedding. Here are the centerpieces and programs.

My Matty and me.

The wedding party. Aren't we kooky?

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