Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keith's Room!

Guess who's room is finally making progress? You guessed it (the title gave it away didn't it?) Keith's room!

It started out as a white room with pink carpet and a pink light fixture - totally boy right? Well, it would have been pre-WWII, but not nowadays!



I don't have a full room pic, but here Avalyn is sleeping on his bed!

Still have a few finishing touches (not sure if I like the layout. The bed is next to the door, the desk under the window, little table next to the desk on the closet side, dresser next to the desk on the other side, and the bookshelf next to the closet. Then I have to find a place for his planets on the wall. Well, that and switch Avalyn's light fixture with his pink one! Wow... guess there's more to do than I thought...

We'll figure it out!

In the meantime - back to unpacking. Yey..?

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