Wednesday, November 16, 2011


For the past week and a half the cottage was getting resided. Bye bye wood siding, hello vinyl! It's a big change, but definitely good for the place. Squirrels and other critters were making a home behind the chimney, birds and pests were making holes that needed to be fill frequently, and new siding was the way to fix it.

I had no part in the decision (after all it belongs to my dad and his siblings), but I understand why they did it and why it took so long to get it done. Siding is not cheap! I'm glad they were able to, though. It will make the place last a lot longer (hopefully!), so future generations can continue to enjoy it the way my dad and his brothers and sisters did, as well as all of their kids.

My Grandpa, dad, uncle, and family friend built the place back in the 1970's, I will try to dig up some pictures this summer. I took a few "before" pictures, and in progress, as well as after that I thought I would share!

View from the road.


This is right in front of the path heading down to the lake.
 Looking up from the deck at the lake.
 In progress, roadside.
 In progress, lakeside.

In progress, view from path.

 Finished! View from the road.
Finished, lake side. 
 Finished, path view.
 Finished! View from the deck at the lake.

Looks good, right? I think so.

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