Monday, June 11, 2012

Birthday Tutu!

So, yesterday I went out and bought 5 yards of tulle from Joann Fabrics - best part? It was on sale. $0.74 per yard! That means my first attempt at making a tutu wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg if I messed it up somehow. I wasn't looking to make anything fancy, just something for Avalyn's 2nd birthday picture.

I'll post step by step how I made it, and what the finished product looks like. I really like it, and so does Avalyn, I suppose that's all that matters!

Here are the colors I picked. A bright pink, lime green, orange, teal, and lavender. I chose a deeper purple for the ribbon.

I measured Avalyn's waist and cut my elastic to size and sewed it together.

I spread each yard of tulle out on the floor (easier than a table for me right now).

Then I folded it in half, and sliced it down the folded edge.

After that I measured  and cut six 6 inch strips. Thankfully the squares on my rug are six inches each so it was super easy to measure!

Ta-da! All the tulle is cut!

I looped the elastic around one of my lovely pillows (it's so well dressed now). And tied on the tulle. I folded each strip in half - the long way - as shown above.

Then I looped it behind the elastic.

And pulled the bottom of the strip through the loop.

Then I tightened it down (not too tight!).

And pushed it up against the rest of the strips.

It took me about an hour to do. Cutting took the longest. Yow! I didn't take pictures of putting the ribbon on, but it was super easy. I took an inch wide ribbon and wrapped it around the elastic and knots of the tulle. To start I left a foot of ribbon (to tie the bow), and started to wrap it. I did it around every other strip of tulle. At the end I tied it like I was tying a shoe.

Here's a picture of what I've done so far.

I actually made the bow a bit smaller and then put a stitch or two in it to keep it tied (kids love to untie bows), then I cut the edges on an angle and sealed them with a lighter so they wouldn't fray.

Viola! A tutu! And here are some pictures of my big girl - she's 2-years-old today - in her new "pretty dress." :)

Happy birthday to my 2-year old baby girl! Love her bunches. She's the best birthday gift I've ever received! :)

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