Sunday, June 10, 2012

Keith's Birthday Party!

Keith turned 10 on the 1st! Hard to believe we have a ten year old in the house! We had a party for him yesterday - a Lego Party. The boy loves his Lego's, just like his Dad.

I made a Lego "Keith" and utensil holder out of Lego's for the occasion. Not pictured are the napkin holders I made to match! :)

Lego banner! Handmade by me! I used construction paper and washable markers (things every mom has in her house, I'm sure) to make the Lego's, then used twine to hang them on and clothespins to hang them with.  I really like how they turned out!

Matt blowing up balloons in standard Lego colors.

Yep, I sorted the cups, plates, and napkins to make a Lego rainbow!

The kids "helping" with the party prep.

Oh, static electricity, you are so fun!

How I decorated Keith's door while he was sleeping. :)

The table is all set up for the party!

This is as far as I could go with streamers. Too much work for being 38 weeks pregnant!

Keith's big gift!

The birthday cake (in Lego colors), topped with Lego men (and women).

Blowing out his candles!

Fun in the pool after the party. I love this picture because Avalyn is yelling at Andy for being on the slide, and Keith is trying to dunk Anthony under water. My kids are vicious! 

Hope everyone else had an excellent weekend! I love birthdays... and I love that all of ours are in June!

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