Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mood Board for Crystal!

What? Another mood board?? Yeah, I’m having a lot of fun with these. I like doing boards with colors and prints I don’t use in my house. Although, this one is not in that category. Crystal and I have similar tastes so it seems!

The total cost of this makeover is $550.65! Less if it's possible to make a few things on your own and get some great thrift store deals. The baskets, shelves, lamps, and mirror could be found in thrift stores. The blanket, shelves, and mason jar can all be hand made. But let's break it down shall we?
  1. Color Scheme: Walls are Sherwin Williams “Soar.” A survey has shown people who sleep in blue rooms get the most restful night sleep. Not only do you get a calming, beautiful color, you get renewed. Talk about a win/win. White and coffee tones also make an appearance in this pallet, and accessorizing with yellow will add some color. Matte paint at Sherwin Williams is around $35 per gallon, but it's pretty easy to get it color matched somewhere else for less. 
  2. Paint an old dresser white and de-stress that sucker! This will give some old furniture a new life with that rustic edge you were looking for. Add some oil rubbed bronze, iron, or black drawer pulls to complete the look. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, try stenciling the front of the dresser. As shown with the blue dresser pictured. Just imagine that only flipped around: white dresser, blue stencil. You will need a primer and paint (or get a combination), I would estimate around $20 (I've gotten a gallon of white paint/primer before at Lowes for $18). Use leftover wall paint for the accent on the dresser.
  3. Curtains $38 for the Premier Prints Paisley Chocolate fabric and pair with Eclipse blackoutcurtains in toffee for $9.87 per panel and have a custom set of blackout curtains for $57.05, that’s just $28.53 per panel. Wicked steal if you’re willing to put in the work cutting and sewing fabric! ;) I’m always up for that. 
  4. Next we’re going to replace a builder grade ceiling light with a Young House Love  Large Wire GlobeLantern for $89. The metal fixture adds a hardness and industrial element to the room, making it more masculine for the man of the house.   
  5. Cable Knit Throw Blanket in mustard will add a pop of color and warmth to the room for $59. The one pictured is from Home Decorators Collection. But it’s just as practical to knit one yourself or buy one on Etsy! #buylocal
  6. Put a Porthole Mirror above the bed $24.99 adds a focal point, depth, and light to the room. 
  7. For the hunter husband. A Framed DeerSilhouette for $5… Order it with a yellow background will help tie in other yellow accents. Find a cheap frame at a thrift store (or dollar store) to hang it in!
  8. Comforter set with ruching for the feminine touch for $69.96.
  9. Turn a shelf into a night stand. Use metal brackets like the light fixture, and the drawer pulls – see where I’m going with this? Cohesion! Supplies to build these (From Menard's) would be $5.17 for the board (48" cut in half for two shelves), and $4.49 for brackets (you'll need four). It comes to $23.13
  10. Glass Based Lamp ($20) with Burlap Shade ($9.97) something light and pretty paired with a rougher texture for some country charm.  You'll need two to put them on your night stands.
  11. Mason Jar Sconce $22 from Etsy. Or you could try to make it yourself! You'll once again need two to use above the bed.
  12. Basket $30.79 use under the nightstand shelf for extra storage (another item you'll need to double up on!).

I might also suggest getting some wood blinds to add to the rustic look. They also do a great job at blocking out the sun!  Don’t forget to check out thrift stores, flea markets, farmers markets, and local shops for this stuff. A lot of local shops sell high quality items that are just as good as what the major retailers sell, if not better.

What do you think? Did I hit the modern/rustic/country look or did I miss? I know a lot of rooms going for a masculine don’t do light walls or ruched bedding, so I may have missed the mark there, but it would be super easy to man it up a bit with some less feminine bedding like this or this.

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