Thursday, August 15, 2013

Romantic Bedroom Moodboard for Becca!

Here's a room revamp for my friend Becca and her hubby!

Total cost of room makeover: $258.46 plus tax. Could be less with coupons or shopping around. If you include a mattress as listed it would bring the makeover to: $542! Not too shabby for a total redo!

Let’s break it down!

1: Room colors. Red for the walls, black and white accents, and of course zebra print everywhere! Red for walls: Olympic Gallon Interior Flat Enamel Red Paint and Primer In One $25. Black for dresser: Quart Rust-oleum flat black $9.48. Spray paint for accents: Rust-oleum Black satin spray paint $6.98.

2. Black lamp shade $7.88: I picked black because I like a long seamless look in lamps, but it would be just as nice in white (like the inspiration room).

3. Lamp base $5.88: Two for your side tables! Black and clear to bring everything together! 

4. Chandelier $22.45: Create romance and whimsy! Could also look into thrift stores/craigslist to see if there is something similar out there. Spray paint it black to make it pop against the white ceiling. This is the one pictured (it's $82).

5. Zebra print tulle bed canopy $15: Create some romance and add some height to your room with a bed canopy! Super easy to make. The Better Nester has a simple tutorial for a hoop canopy. I've made them before using dollar store hula hoops as well. Whatever floats your boat!

6. Zebra Curtain Rod $19: Not necessary, but a playful addition if you so choose! Or go with a white rod from a thrift store (or already owned) and paint some stripes. The one pictured is at Walmart from $14-$19. 

7. Red 1200 thread count sheets $24.50: California King sheets in red! Pictured

Egyptian Cotton 400 Thread Count Stripe Sheet Set by Luxor Treasures. Currently listed at $56.16

8. Zebra theme curtains $35.07: Found on and they look beautiful!

9: Zebra theme bedding $65.26: Also found on and a stunning match to the curtains! How gorgeous this set??

10. California king mattress $283.54: Memory foam extra big mattress for extra tall people! Not everyone likes memory foam, but I love it and this price is amazing! 

11. Clear crystal drawer pulls $8.20: To tie in the chandelier and lamp bases. It would look amazing on a distressed black dresser. Or any dresser really. I'm a sucker for the glass knob look. 

12. Paint an existing dresser black to tie into the theme. Could also distress it to create a vintage look as shown. The dresser pictured has been sold, but it's so beautiful. Check out Vintage Farm Furniture's blog.

What do you all think? Any changes or additions you’d make? I think the red allows it to me romantic but not to feminine for the male in the room. To see the room that inspired this board, check out Delightful Order. Such an amazing and fun room! 

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