Monday, July 11, 2011

Blue's Clues Takes Me Back!

I'm sitting on the floor right now with Avalyn watching Blue's Clues, and it makes me think back to when Keith was three... He wanted nothing to do with toddler programming - he wanted to watch grown up movies. Like Hellboy and Twister (scary right?), apparently he used to be allowed to watch such things. No cool!

When Keith was little he didn't like Elmo, or Baby Einstein or any of those lovable characters on Sprout. It took months of me sitting down with him, acting interested in those silly shows for him to start playing along. He didn't talk yet but he would bounce around the room with his sippy cup with a smile on his face so I knew he was into it. That is until he went to his mother's house again.


To this day he doesn't enjoy age appropriate shows (except Sponge Bob, but that show is just ridiculous). He's with his mother right now and she called and asked Matt how Keith knew how to flatten out a bobby pin and make a key. He told her he had no idea where because I don't use bobby pins, her reply was "touche." Yeah, she really needs to learn the meaning of that word.

Apparently she was annoyed by the behavior and was going to "track down" the person who taught him. *Insert eye-roll here* He's nine now, plenty old enough to figure out how to flatten bobby pins by himself, in my opinion anyway. Well, I called him the next day to say "hi" and he happily informed me that he was watching a PG-13 movie (one with a lot of violence sexual situations)... I had nothing to say.

She's upset that he's doing something cartoon characters do with bobby pins but thinks it's okay to watch violent, sex filled movies. Anyone else confused?

I feel bad for Keith. Her rules are very different from ours and clearly she doesn't have any standards for what kind of television her kids watch. Then, when he comes back home he acts out and really turns into a butthead (yeah I said it). I would act out, too, if I were in his situation. Then I look at Avalyn and feel a little more sad for him.

Avalyn will have one home, one set of rules and no less outside influence to confuse her. I hope Keith doesn't resent her for it. :\

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy watching Blue's Clues again. Avalyn is currently dancing to the mail song and doing jazz hands. Love it.

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