Monday, July 4, 2011

More milestones!

Avalyn has some noteworthy milestones again!

New words:
12. Goat
13. Cool
14. Baby
15. More (comes out mah)
16. Andy - she heard Aunt Penny say it and started repeating it while Penny and I talked on the phone.

She's working on saying "All done."

June 22 - Climbs onto the couch and off the couch without using something as a stool
June 24 - Attempted crib escape thwarted by mommy.
June 28 - Climbed from cradle into Mommy and Daddy's bed
July 2 - Broke out of baby gate
July 2/3 - Bottom left lateral incisor erupted!
July 3 - Scaled the baby gates to get to the stairs
July 3 - Opened slider door

She's also started putting words together. On July 2 Avalyn said "cow" and then signed and said "ball." I got her a cow and a ball and she frowned and repeated herself... it wasn't until after she went to sleep that night that I realized she meant she wanted her cow ball. When she asked for it again the next day, I was ready and boy did she smile! Then she gave it a big hug. :D

It's amazing how quickly she's learning new things. :)

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