Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crafty Little Me!

I'm actually making sales in my Etsy Shop! I'm so excited! And I love what I'm doing. How amazing is that? I love what I do AND I get to stay at home with my babies. Talk about having a full heart. Now if only I had a full pocket book to go with it. Money is still tight and I know what little I make isn't going to make a big difference, but I feel like I'm at least contributing now. Matt is on call for three weeks in a row, trying to bring in more money to keep us afloat, but it's really hard on him.

Here's what I'm selling, in case anyone is wondering.

Anyone else enjoying craft type activities? I sure am!


  1. Found your Etsy shop. You need to have a link/button added to your blog page. I've never done it. Sorry. But here is a blogger who has. Maybe she can help.

    Her Etsy shop:

  2. Thank you! I will look into it! :)