Friday, August 3, 2012

The Math is Killing Me!

I'm back! I sure have missed blogging almost daily. It's not very easy to find time to blog when there's three kids in the house. Not sure how the pro's do it! But here I am, back and ready to blog!

Let me start by saying Nicolas has been on a pretty good schedule lately!

9:00AM - wake up/feeding
9:30AM - back to sleep
10:30AM - wake up/feeding
11:30AM - sleep
2:30PM -wake up/feeding
3:30-4:30PM - sleep
8:30-9:30PM - wake up/feeding
9:30PM-12:30AM - awake time with five-ten minute cat naps eating in between
12:30AM-4:30AM - sleep
4:30-4:45AM - feeding
4:45-9:00AM- sleep

Nice huh? During the sleeping time I try to spend time with Avalyn and Keith, and clean, and cook, and make things for my Etsy shop. Believe it or not I'm pretty busy during the day. Despite what Matt thinks. He wants me to work outside the house, but doesn't at the same time because he's afraid of the kids. As he should be. ^_~ Money has been really tight so he thinks me working will fix it. It won't. Daycare + gas = spending more money than what I'd make, unless he watches the kids. Which, as I already said, he's afraid to do by himself.

Note to past self: Don't take out student loans. If you can't pay for college outright, don't go. That simple. There's no jobs except minimum wage stuff anyway, so there's no point in going into debt for an education. If only I had done the math nine years ago. 

Minimum wage at forty hours a week: $15,000 per year = (about) $950 month after taxes.
My student loan debt (not including Matt's) $60,000 = $730 month
If I found a job in my field I would make between $10-$15/hour, so let's average $12.50 an hour which would be $1,600 after taxes.
Subtract my loans from that and I have $870. Even if I made $15 an hour and brought home $2,000, after student loans were paid I would have $1,270. Which is better, but at Alfie I made $1,300 a month after taxes. That's without an education! I would make $30 less with a higher paying job in my field than what I made at Alfie. Not that Alfie was a bad place to work (it was actually pretty great), I'm just saying it's crazy how useless college was for me.

I know in the long run (in fifteen years when my loans are gone) it will be worth it, but right now I'm super bummed that we can't save any money for our kids to go to school. Here's hoping when the kids are in school (in five years) the job market will be better and I will be able to start saving for my wee one's so they don't have to worry about going into debt before their adult lives even start!

Did anyone else major in debt? Or were you smarter than me when you were younger and save your pennies for college?

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