Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meeting New People

When Nicolas was two weeks old, my mom brought my grandma up to see her new great-grandson. She was happy to meet him and see our house, and she made me laugh when she told me we were spoiling Nicolas by holding him. It was a nice visit and Nicolas slept through most of it, Grandma and Mom even played on the swings with Avalyn. I hope it can happen again,soon.

Just had to throw this in here, Nicolas had his first bath that day, too!

Getting lovin's from Grandma.

Avalyn was a wee bit jealous. She wanted Grandma's attention.

Looks like Nicolas is a hit with Grandma Betty!

Having fun on the swing set.

Mom and I went to Midland today so Nicolas could meet his great grandparents (on my dad's side) and great aunt. The trip went fine until we were a few miles East of Cadillac, then the crying started. I stopped at a church and fed him in the parking lot. Mom sat in the back (switching places with Keith), to try to keep Nicolas calm for the rest of the trip. That didn't work out so well either. I ended up having to pull over on US-10 (near Clare), and switch spots with mom. Who knew I was flexible enough to nurse Nicolas while mom chauffeured us the rest of the way to Midland? ^_~ Nicolas did very well while we were there. He needed to eat twice, and most slept the rest of the time. He actually napped on Aunt Mary for quite a while. He knows when he's in safe arms.

He's a hit with Grandma Ellie, too!

So, clearly we've had a lot of first in the past couple weeks! First bath, first trip, and first time meeting his great grandparents! Good times all around. Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer, too!

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