Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tutu 2.0

Remember Avalyn's best friend forever (and cousin) Alyssa? She's turning two! July 15 is the big day! Unfortunately, we can't make it to her party. Matt is on call and Nicolas hasn't taken a big trip yet. Not to mention I'm afraid of people playing "pass the baby" if they aren't vaccinated with whooping cough being the epidemic that it is. Call me overprotective. But the main reason is Matt being on call. I do not want to make the trip alone with two little ones, and be the only one who is there to watch them.

So, the problem now is getting Alyssa's present to her on time. Of course this present was hand made by me - like most of Alyssa's presents are. Every two year old needs a tutu, right? And since Alyssa's daddy doesn't want her to be a princess (nobody wants to have a spoiled tot on their hands), I made her a Sponge Bob tutu! Sponge Bob and princess do not go hand in hand, so I think we're safe!

It looks huge!

It's a Sponge Bob shirt!

Pink, yellow, and blue tutu!

This is the back of the shirt, the big bow on top of the tutu is the shirt's tie. :)

What do you think? I hope Alyssa likes it!

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