Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Baby Wrap!

Woot woot! Pinterest Challenge time ya'll! Brought to you by the brilliant mind's Katie and Sherry.

For the summer addition of the Pinterest Challenge I decided to make a baby wrap. As seeing I have a new baby to wrap up in one! Nicolas is just a wee bit too small to fit in my other carrier (no infant insert), and I need to be able to be hands free and breastfeed on the go with a two year old running amok in my house. Was that a run on sentence? Probably. Not so good with the grammar right now. I can't blame pregnancy brain anymore. Can I blame having a two week old and two year old? I'll do that. ;)

Here's where I found my inspiration: Monkey Sew, Monkey Do! She had a great "how to" on a baby wrap. She used five yards of cotton gauze for hers. I went a different route. Two years ago I wanted to make a wrap but between school and having a newborn who cried whenever she wasn't being held, I was without time. Thank goodness Nicolas is such a happy baby! I have time to do things now. Whoa! Anyway, two years ago I bought six yards of cotton jersey fabric, so I used that for my wrap. I love using stuff that's just sitting around the house!

I cut the six yards of fabric in half length wise (I could make two if I wanted to!), and then I folded it in half (end to end) to find the center (so I know where to start when I wrap).

Lots of fabric!

From there I decided instead of marking it with a tag, I would to add a little something special. Enter the frog fabric I had left over from a different project. I cut it to size and pinned it to the wrap fabric and brought it downstairs to my serger.

I hooked up my serger with blue, orange, and yellow thread. I wanted to use green thread to match the frogs but I didn't have anything that really popped, so I went with yellow. Looking back now, I could have done red. Ah well! It still looks nice!

I put the orange thread on the front of the wrap, and yellow on the back. The orange looks great with the blue, and the frogs. I'm so excited! It took me about ten minutes to go around the whole six yards of fabric.

My results!

I hemmed the edge of the frog fabric, but didn't sew the sides onto the wrap. I'm going to sew them up halfway or three quarters of the way to create a pocket for my wallet or phone. I think that would be really neat.

Here's the finished product in use! Yep my baby boy loves it, and Mommy loves it, too! I can even nurse him in it. Yey! Please ignore my post baby flub. My belly is like jello right now. He was a big boy! Totally worth jello-belly.

 And I can give him lots of lovings and comfort while he's in it. Always a plus.

What did everyone else make? I'm so happy about this project. I can't wait to take it out on the town! And by out on the town, I mean the grocery store. I live an exciting life!