Thursday, July 5, 2012

Birth Story Part 2

When I got in there, the doctor who saw me was the on-call doctor from Friday night. She was surprised to see me and to hear that my contractions were so painful. She did another cervical check (those are the most fun ever), and said, "Well, I've got to tell you something..." I was thinking, "Oh, no I still haven't progressed and I'm going home!" Turns out Matt was thinking the same thing. Thankfully she ended her sentence with, "You're four centimeters! I'll call the hospital and let them know you're on your way. You don't even need to check out, I'll do that for you."

Praise the Lord! By the time we got to the hospital (it's literally across the street from my OB's office), and got the car parked, it was a little after noon. We got all checked in and found our room. The nurse gave me some water to drink and a beautiful hospital gown to wear and I got into the bed and time flew while I was hooked up to a billion machines. My contractions were still killing me, but I was just happy to be in the hospital where I was going to get those amazing antibiotics for my beautiful baby!

I wasn't hooked up to an IV until around 2:00PM and my epidural came shortly after that. I didn't need pitocin this go-round (thank goodness, that stuff is awful!) because I was actually progressing on my own. The on call doctor came in to introduce himself, but there really was no need, we knew each other. It was Dr. Wright! The person who helped deliver Avalyn! I was so happy. We exchanged pleasentries and he went on his way, he said he'd be back soon to break my water if need be. 

Anyway before I knew it Dr. Wright was in the room, ready to break my water. It was around six o'clock at this point. He made a face when he broke my water and said something that made my heart sink, "There's a lot of thick meconium in the amniotic fluid." I looked at Matt and my expression must have given away my worry because he told me everything was going to be okay. I was terrified. This had happened with Avalyn as well, and she was fine, but it's still a very real danger for the baby.

I asked the nurse if the hospital ever experienced complications with this issue with babies, and unfortunately, she reminded me that she was new to this facility and wasn't sure. She explained the risks to me and basically said it was 50-50 that he would be okay. On top of being worried, I also had a selfish reason for being upset. This is my last pregnancy, and I really wanted to know what it was like to have the baby placed on my chest right away. I wanted that instant bond and I wanted him to not have a traumatic first start.

Around 6:35PM I really felt like I had to go to the bathroom, my nurse said no way and checked me again and Nicolas was on his way. My doctor, a couple pediatricians, and four or five nurses rushed into the room and got everything ready for Nicolas's arrival. The doctors and nurses were barking codes and orders to each other while I felt like my bits were on fire! At 6:40PM I started pushing, and oh my goodness did it hurt! I actually screamed - something I swore I'd never do. I blame the days of active labor, lack of sleep, and added stress and worry from the meconium in my bag of waters. It was a bad situation and I was hurting in more ways than one. Dr. Wright told me to take the effort I was putting into screaming into pushing. I understood what he meant. Shut up and do your job!

Nicolas Ira made his arrival at 6:54PM weighing in at 9 pounds, and was 24 inches long. Big boy! Boy did I feel his biggness. The nurses swept him away and Matt went over to him instantly (unlike with Avalyn where he hung back to make sure I was okay). Nicolas didn't cry and didn't make eye contact with me the way Avalyn did. In fact, he didn't look good at all. He was limp and I couldn't tell if he was okay or not. The doctors and nurses got him all cleaned up and cleaned out, he still wasn't crying, just making little grunting whining sounds. I don't know what his Apgar score was and I don't want to know. It was really scary. Even worse I kept asking if he was okay and no one would answer me.

Meanwhile, my doctor was telling me he was surprised with such a big baby I didn't tear too much. He gave me one stitch just to be safe. I was squeezing my thigh out of worry while he stitched and he must have been worried because he said, "Don't try to help me down here, you can trust me." I told him I just needed to hold onto something.

Finally I saw a nurse hand Nicolas to Matt, who brought him over to meet me. He was so beautiful! He had dark brown hair and Matt's nose! He also had petechiae on his face (they looked like little freckles), and a broken blood vessel in his eye which were from the pressure of pushing - and from the cord being wrapped around his neck, my poor little guy!

Like his sister, Nicolas latched on right away and we didn't need help from a lactation consultant (again, she said he was a natural). He's also an amazing little sleeper. I was able to put him in his bassinet and take a shower as soon as he was done eating. Avalyn was not as easy going about that. When I was done with my shower, the nurse who helped deliver Nicolas was back to monitor him and seemed very pleased. I asked her how Nicolas was and she admitted he had a very rough start. Between the meconium, the cord being wrapped around his neck, not getting an adequate amount of antibiotics (I was positive for GBS), and a low apgar they were worried. She told me that he seemed perfectly healthy and bounced back very well. A few nurses had to come in to see if he was really as long as he was measured as well. Apparently, he was unusually tall!

Matt, Nicolas, and I were alone for the first couple days (we had to stay an extra day because of the GBS). And Mom and Dad brought the kids up on the day we were discharged. It really was nice getting to know Nicolas for two days all to ourselves. So far, I can say: He's not a crier. It makes it a little difficult to know when he needs something but I'm sure that will change. He's also an amazing sleeper - I know I already said that but seriously it's wonderful!

First smile ;)

Mommy and Nicolas

Daddy and Nicolas

Grandma introducing Nicolas to Avalyn and Keith.

With Grandpa and Grandma

First family photo

Meeting Aunt Penny - he slept on her for at least an hour.

Meeting Nana and Papa.

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