Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Not-So-Little Guy

Keith turned eight years old today. Wow! He was two when I first met him. Time has flown by! He had school today, but they had an end of the school year pizza party so hopefully it wasn’t all bad. He opened presents as soon as he got home. Grandpa and grandma got him a pitching net and a harmonica, he thought that was cool. Nana and Papa had already gotten him a skateboard that he’d been playing with for a couple of weeks. We got him a slip n slide, a new bat and a baseball.

We set up the slip n slide and Lacey and Eva came over to play on it with him. We also made him burgers, hot dogs and brats on the grill. The cake I made him melted in the heat and didn’t taste very good, but I tried. So now we’re inside and Keith is in bed and has to go to school tomorrow. Not a bad birthday though for being in the middle of a school week.

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