Sunday, June 27, 2010

Party Party!

So we went down to GR this weekend for Matt's grandparents surprise party. We stayed at my parents house on Friday night so we wouldn't have a whole day of driving on Saturday. Avalyn did pretty well on the trip, we had to stop once to change her diaper.

She slept really well that night at my parents house. Only woke up to eat, and didn't cry much. My mom and dad invited my aunt, uncle and grandma over for brunch to meet Avalyn on Saturday and she was a hit. :) My uncle Gary even held her, that was a surprise. Evan got to hold her, too.

She slept through most of the party, which was fine. She woke up a little for Nana to feed her and for people to hold her a little bit. I finally got to see Bode and Elea and they are both very cute. Bode is so big! And has the best blue eyes. And Elea had the cutest little ponytail. I can't wait to do that with Ava's hair.

On the way home Ava and I both fell asleep. What a weekend! I'm very tired.

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