Wednesday, September 15, 2010


That will be my "occupation" this year when we file taxes. I don't care much for the title, it sounds so fifties to me. However, I like what it means for my family and me. It means my eight-year-old son can come home after school and not have to be watched by someone else at a daycare. It means my baby daughter can bond with me and not a non family member. It means I don't have to spend a fortune on fuel and childcare so I can work for pennies on the dollar. And, as silly as this sounds, it means I can give my family 100%.

Feminists may disagree with my choice, saying women fought hard so they could become more than just a homemaker, but I feel as though they fought so future generations of women could choose what they wanted. I choose to be a mother and wife. I also choose to attend school so, when my family is ready, I can have a career. As of today, my career can wait. I want to get to know my new daughter and share her firsts with her.

To those amazing moms out there who do go back to work, I think you're incredible! It takes a lot of courage to leave your kids so you can give them the best life. I just wish working moms could see what I do is equally important.

I'm so tired of hearing; "you took the easy road..."

Easy? Right...

Really easy.

I have only left my daughter in the care of someone else for a total of thirty minutes in her whole three months of life. Those were two quick fifteen minute trips while I was in Jenison visiting my parents. All other times she is with me. I have not had a shower that has lasted longer than fifteen minutes in three months. My child will not take a bottle so my husband and I don't get to have date nights. I have to have her with me otherwise she can't eat. I did not take the easy road. I don't think any moms have an "easy road" really. So why do working moms try and make what I do seem less important than what they do?

I love being a mom. Aside from the piles of laundry, it's the best job I've ever had. Even without date night and long showers. It's such a small price to pay for the short amount of time I can spend with my kids while they're young. I just wish people would stop and think before they judge me.

Shouldn't moms (or women in general) stick together?

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