Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pinewood Derby and Weird Weather

Keith had his pinewood derby today for Cub Scouts. His car didn't win his race, but he did win for "Best Space Travel Design." Good work Keith!

Here's the side view.

Back view (Keith added flames so it'd be fast)

Front view

Proud boy!

In other news it has been insanely warm here! The kids and I have been playing outside all week long. Are we really in Michigan? It’s in the eighty’s here. In March… 

Of course we're loving it! Who doesn’t love being outside and playing on the porch with chalk all day? I know I’m all in!

It’s just somewhat difficult to play in the yard being that there’s still  a foot of snow out there in some spots.

Yeah, really weird.

Want some pictures? I know you do!

Avalyn was playing "peek-a-boo" with the camera.
 Woot sandbox fun!
 Avalyn is a shovel hoarder.
Keith helping with the cleanup fro the blizzard two weeks ago. Weird right? Blizzard then 80 degrees... 
 Only in Michigan can you shovel snow with bare feet in 80 degree weather.
Looks like I need to sweep the deck... or have someone else do it, because I can't be trusted sweeping!
 They were raking the snow so it would go away faster.
 Another Only in Michigan picture. No matter how much I tried to keep her out of the snow she had to step in it! In sandles no less!
 Chalk time! And probably time to shop for summer clothes.
 Mommy and Avalyn in our awesome sunglasses!
Walking around the snow in the yard. Good times!
 This is what my porch looked like at the end of the week. Best kind of chaos ever!

Anyone else have super weird weather? Or a pinewood derby? I hope everyone had as good of a week as we did. I can't complain at all. Not even about my foot. Well... maybe a little... ^_~

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