Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mini Vacation Coming Soon!

We booked a stay at Great Wolf Lodge! It will be our first “vacation” as a family. Matt, Keith, and I have never taken one together, really. Supposedly Great Wolf is good for kids of all ages, so we’re going to test that theory! It was actually Val’s idea, because she’s cool like that. So, we booked for a weekday, and we will be able to swim for an evening and entire day. Hooray! Then we will come back to our house and Josh and Val will stay here for a night. So, it’s a very mini vacation. Especially since Great Wolf is only ten miles from our house lol!

I also had to buy a swimsuit for the occasion. I’ve had my suit since eighth grade, and it’s already been stretched to its limit. Now with the baby belly and swollen thighs (totally excited to have thunder thighs…) I would feel horribly fat and unpretty in my favorite swim suit. So, I bought one from a plus sized store. I will just have to take it in when I lose the baby fat… but it should suit me (ha!) for the summer anyway.

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