Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good Weekend

This weekend was pretty awesome! It started out with a rough ride down to GR, seriously the roads were not pleasant! But we made it. Matt went to a gun show Saturday morning with his friend Joe and Keith.

Meanwhile, my mom and I went to a bunch of different fabric stores and Hobby Lobby. Then we met Val at Once Upon a Child and did some kid shopping! I found three dresses and two pairs of shoes for Avalyn, and mom found a cute sweatshirt and a pair of shoes. We’re shoe people!

Here's the fabric for the car seat! The top fabric I'm going to use for something else, but it was too cute to pass up!
The shoes!

How cute are these?

Val and Alyssa followed us back to mom and dad’s house and Avalyn demonstrated (in no uncertain terms) that she does not want to and will not share. Awesome. That will be a fun problem when she and Nicolas are playing together. Poor Alyssa, she was just trying to play! But she was a very good sport, and often handed things to Avalyn (perhaps hoping for a trade?) when she got upset… which was a lot.
Sharing is caring Avalyn!
"No, Lyssa!"

Alyssa found a happy spot in a chair.

We initially wanted to head home about 4:00-5:00PM but we ended up going out to dinner with Josh and Val, and didn’t get on the road until 8:00PM which got us home at 11:00PM. Totally worth it though! We had a lot of fun.

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