Saturday, February 4, 2012

Playing outside

It was beautiful here today! 40+ degrees and sunny. I'm putting that in the win column. So the kids and I went outside to play.

Here's my lovely daughter.
 Trying to get both kids to pose is always a nightmare. But, this actually turned out great. It really shows their personalities to a "T." Keith looks playfully annoyed, accepting his fate as big brother, Avalyn, meanwhile, screams at the snow on Keith's boot and smacks it away from him in pure toddler form.
 Look how nicely they play together when they think I'm not looking. Keith was showing Avalyn how to build a snowman.
 Avalyn tried to go down the slide and got stuck. That snow is held on by ice. After I broke it up she shot down it like a rocket.
 Keith's snowman.
 Avalyn started taking all of the snowballs off of the poor guy and this is Keith trying to negotiate with her (good luck buddy) to get them back.
 This is such a lucky shot. I love Keith's eyes here. And yes, Avalyn totally got him with the snowball.
 I distracted Avalyn from Keith's snowman by building her a snow-toddler. Something she can destroy so Keith's hard work stays in tact.
 She threw snow at it and it bounced back and hit her in the face. Don't worry, she laughed it off... then she proceeded to beat the crap out of the thing. She's so sweet...
Did anyone else have beautiful "play outside" weather today? I love days like this!

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