Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bathroom Progress

Well, I managed to prime everything again! What a pain. *Sigh* But Matt isn't following through with caulking the rest of the bathroom. Boo! Good thing he isn't on call anymore so he has no excuse not to finish up tonight! This means I'm behind my timeline (surprise, surprise), but not by too much!

In the mean time I managed to paint some of the trim (like five percent of it) just to see if I liked it. And I do! I am in love with it! It's called Shooting Star by Olympic.  It's got a bluish tint to it, so it will complement the bathroom well. We got it in a semi-gloss and low VOC. I also tested the blue paint I got for the rest of the walls. I'm in love with that, too! It's called Alpine Valley (also Olympic), and we got that in satin, no VOC.

I bought the blue paint months ago so it needed to be stirred up again!

Avalyn decided to help. This meant pull all the towels out of the closet onto the floor, put on her cowgirl hat and boots, and "paint" the wall.

I didn't realize my shadow was in the picture, but can you see the difference between the new paint on the trim and the old paint above? Like? I do!

And here it is with the blue above it. Yey! I can't wait for this to be done!

The best part about this project is: I can do whatever I want! We rented for so long so deciding what paint to use without asking permission is amazing. It's also nice to know that once I paint I will be around to enjoy it! Believe me, I will enjoy it. 

It's amazing how many rooms in this house are blue. Keith chose dark blue, Avalyn's room is blue, I'm painting our bedroom blue next week, and the bathroom is blue. I never knew I liked it so much! Anyone else crazy for blue without realizing it? 

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