Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Double Jogging Stroller!

Remember when I found the jogging stroller for Avalyn back in 2009? It was about two weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I jumped the gun and bought it because it was on craigslist for $20 and it was right around the corner. Score!

Here it is (look how tiny she was!). It's nothing special but it got the job done! We aren't fancy so the stroller doesn't need to be.

Well, the new one isn't fancy either. But look at the listing!  How could I say no?
It's down in my Mom and Dad's neck of the woods. So, my mom is going to pick it up for me. Isn't she awesome? I told the seller I'd buy it sight unseen, not sure if that's wise but I'm in need of something.

Yes, it's pink. Yes I'm aware I'm having a boy. This is just the beginning of a long line of pink this little guy will be sitting in. Think swing, bouncy seat, activity center... ;) Doubt baby's care much. As long as they're loved and cared for that's all that matters. Besides, before WWII pink was a boy color. He's being named after my great grandfather and he was from before that time, I'm just bringing the trend back with the name. Hehe!

Also, speaking of the difference between boys and girls, Avalyn's baby mullet went bye-bye. And contrary to Matt's belief, trimming her hair did not make her look like a boy. Though the bow and pink nails help. ;) She wanted "pretty pink color" on her fingers.

Anyone else find an awesome deal on craigslist recently? I love that site!

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