Thursday, February 9, 2012

Painting Fun (not really)

I'm not the biggest fan of painting, but I do it because I'm the only one who will. Unless it's rolling. Matt will randomly appear on occasion to roll the walls. I managed to get one major wall, and two mini walls painted in the bathroom and I have to say: I love the color!

What do you think? I'm in love! This is a bit lighter than in real life. My human eye sees a color that is a bit more teal. I blame the CFL bulbs.
 Clearly the white temporary curtain I made will not be staying. It makes everything ugly. Good job making things gross, white curtain. Although, I do appreciate you not letting people look into the bathroom. Here's what I'm thinking to replace it with: A bamboo shade. Pretty no? Ignore the bad photoshop job.
That dark brown color is what I want to stain the mirrors and vanity as well. And no worries, that wooden dowel, shower curtain rod will not be staying. I want to get a crome colored one that is curved for a little extra elbow room in the shower. Did I say that already? Probably. I repeat myself a lot lately.

Our beautiful nasty-gross hotel room in Texas had a curved curtain rod and I loved it. Seriously, that was the only good thing about the room. The brown water when I turned on the shower at first was probably the worst part. Ew. Anyway, what do you think so far? Please ignore the ugly floor. Eventually it will go. For now it stays. That's what rugs are for right? Right?!

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