Monday, February 6, 2012

I screwed up

Remember the bathroom project I've blogged about once and then ignored? Yeah, I sort of forgot, too. It's time to get back to work on that sucka!

In case you forgot, here are the before shots:
 And here is the shower curtain that is my inspiration. Note: I got this from Bed Bath and Beyond. Matt and I went there again tonight and saw a "bed in a bag" set that looked just like it. Then there was another in purple called "Gwen" how funny is that? Only funny to me? Okay.

Here it is now. After my screw up. *Sign*
 Matt and I got the chair rail and wood up, and I primed everything, but there is a GIANT mistake. See it?
 Let me give you a closer look...
Yeah, totally messed up the caulking job. It was something that Matt was supposed to do, but after four months of waiting for him to do it, I gave it a shot. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea!

Well, this meant going to Lowe's and getting some caulk remover (we bought no VOC stuff that is considered a green product so it wouldn't harm our little Grasshopper - I still ventilated the crap out of that room, though), and we got some mineral spirits (shuddering at the bad memories of working in a screen print shop) to clean up some paint on the floor.

While I fixed my mistake, Matt got to caulking what he could. He did the chair rail I missed, the door frame and the lattice (which we bought to make a board and batten look). This is how it's supposed to look when it's caulked. Nice right? Should have just waited. Oy.
 It took about an hour to scrape up the caulk mess but look what I'm left with.
 Here's a closer look. Yep... I've got to re-prime everything. Boo!
 And the caulk remover pealed up a few old layers of paint (looks like the bathroom was green (or similar) at some point. So, after a few hours I added some Spackle to even her back out. Nice look, huh?
Tomorrow I'll have to sand everything down again and prime it. Probably while Avalyn naps. Wednesday I'll do the first coat of white on the board and batten and trim. If I can I will do the second coat Thursday. Friday I will paint the walls. Saturday and Sunday will be my back up days if I can't get to work on any other day. Then I will be done for a little while! Yey!

Here's what I'd like it to look like when we're done. It's not well photoshopped, but hopefully it will give you an idea. Eventually we'll tile the floor, but the linoleum will be fine for now.

As you can see, I will have to stain the mirror frames and the vanity but that will have to wait until the baby is older. I don't think staining while pregnant is allowed. The artwork is a cute little cow print I found at Amazon. I love it. Not sure if its really bathroom art, but what is? Drawings of toilets? No thanks. Oh, and the shelf is from Pottery Barn, but I will probably just make something. I only used it because the picture was the right angle for me to photoshop in!

So, here's the to do list:
- Sand and Prime everything (again)
- Paint the board and batten
- Paint the walls
- Make/buy a shelf
- Find artwork for the walls
- Get a new shower curtain rod (preferably a nickle one that is curved so we have more arm room in there)
- Make a new curtain (seriously the one we have up belonged to the old owners, it was from Keith's room)
- Buy new shower/tub fixtures (ours suck)
- Stain the woodwork a darker color
- Tile the floor
- Buy a new vanity top (that one is for Matt. He hates the cream colored one that's there now - I don't mind it but hey, why not?)

So, that's it! Anyone else mess up a project that set them back A LOT? I hope it isn't just me, not that I'm wishing for this to happen to anyone else... *Sigh* Back to work!

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