Wednesday, February 15, 2012

24(ish) Hour Bed Rest

So, I had a scare today, I found out I was bleeding. Not something a pregnant girl wants to see! I called my doc right away, thinking it was before 5:00PM (4:54PM to be exact) so they would answer. Not so much, they turn off their phones at 4:45PM. Boo! So, I had to call the switchboard and wait for the on-call doctor to call me back. Thankfully my doc was the one on call. I just had to wait for her to deliver a baby. The on-call nurse asked if I had done anything strenuous or had been intimate with anyone lately. I told her no and that's when she started sounding concerned. She told me to drink a lot of water and lay down and wait for a phone call. I was not to do anything.

Thank goodness my mom is here! The kids needed dinner, Avalyn always needs attention (diaper changes, playing together, refilling her sippy cup), I had no idea how much I run around! If I was put on bed rest while I was alone I would have been in trouble. Mom did everything, I felt so bad! But I was so thankful she was here.

So, here I sit, hours later, still not moving. The bleeding has stopped, but my doc wants me to call and update her first thing in the morning. She will decide then if I need to come in for an appointment. The good news is: I have a fetal doppler and his heartbeat is still very strong, and he is being a wiggle worm. I hope the bleeding is just from walking a lot today or from him kicking me. He's already pretty strong!

Before today went horribly wrong, Mom and I went shopping at places Matt doesn't like to go. Hello craft, fabric, and thrift stores! I walked out of the women's resource center with two strings of mardi gras beads for Avalyn, and four onesies all for $2.12! I had that in change! Such a good deal. Oh, and I bought a onesie for our new baby boy. :) Mom also bought a few onesies for Avalyn, a couple of shirts for Keith, a puzzle for Keith and a toy for Avalyn. We also found Stride Rite shoes for $1! So, of course we snatched those up for Avalyn! $40 shoes for a buck? You can't go wrong there. On our way home we got KFC for dinner and lunches, good thing, too since I couldn't cook!

Yesterday Mom treated us to Bud's for Valentine's Day. Isn't she rad? I think so. We even got ice cream for desert! Yum. 

Here the kids are, enjoying the scenery at Bud's (and playing with the little wooden IQ tests).
 How cool are the lamps over the tables?
 The ceiling, beams, tree and some wall decor. Pretty cool.
 Here's the tree again. Avalyn loves it, but not as much as she loves one of the things on the shelf (that I didn't snap a picture of). Can anyone guess what that is? It's a cow of course! He's hiding on a shelf above the ice cream counter. She yells at him whenever we go there.
 Avalyn doesn't want to wait for dinner, she'll just eat her napkin.
 Grandma helping Keith cheat on his IQ test. :p
 Everyone working hard except me, I already know I'm a genius (I kid, I kid).
 Oh, and here is the first piece of clothing I bought for our baby boy. Mom supplied the socks. They have cows on them of course!
Anyone else ever been on bed rest? It's so hard! I don't know how people do it! How was everyone's Valentine's Day? I hope it was fantastic!

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