Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh, the crafts!

I have been on a craft kick lately. Matt even took me to the fabric store yesterday after we went to Sears. What a guy!

Here's what I bought:
 No I didn't buy the car seat, just the stuff inside it! I have five projects in the works. Here's number one: Make a poncho! I wanted something that I could wear and wrap Avalyn up in (because we don't put her in a jacket in her car seat). This seems to be the ticket. I can just lift her up and wrap it around her until we get into the store. It will also work for new baby when he gets here. Since Avalyn will (hopefully) be able to put her own jacket on by next fall, and I will be wearing baby into the store. Avalyn won't lose her toddler seat in the cart yet. ;) What I didn't picture is the button I found. It's two inches around and a dark brown color. I decided to use only one button because otherwise the poncho will be too complicated for what I need it. The striped fabric is for the inside of the hood, it also has teal in it, just for a pop of color.
 Here's project number two: Rip apart the old car seat cover and make a new one. This was a used car seat Matt got from his friend. We are so grateful for it, but I would like it to match Avalyn's seat a bit better. So I'm going to take the sucker apart and cowafi it. That's a word. Now....
I'll use the same batting, and the old fabric will act as my pattern template. I also intend on making it fire retardant with help of a spray I found. I figured this would be the safer alternative to the slip covers you can find online. I don't have all of my supplies for this one yet, though. I need some bias tape and another yard of fabric for the inside of the canopy. I'm thinking something black and white with some red mixed in, hopefully some fun contrasting shapes for his little eyes. If I don't find fabric with all of those colors, then I will just get some red bias tape for the canopy. That will be a fun pop!
 Project number three: Another sweatsuit size 2T. I'm going to see if these things are sell-able. They were such a hit at Christmas with all the kiddos and if I can find a way to make a little mad money, that would be great. They take me about three hours from start to finish so they aren't difficult.
Here's what the finished product should look like:
The outfit I will make won't be made with a zipper though. They're expensive and difficult, not to mention they can get stuck on the clothes underneath, or pinch sensitive skin. Ouch! I'm using snaps instead. That little model, by the way, is Alyssa. Isn't she sweet?

 Remember these beauties? Yeah, needs something more huh? On to project number four!
 It's simple. Put up a curtain rod and hang some curtains. I went with white. Can't go wrong there!
 Project number five is relatively simple, too. Gross, but simple. See that toilet seat? Yeah, it's wood... and it's cracking in places that pinch other places. It's got to go! Unfortunately, the metal screws are all kinds of broken down. Thanks to urine. See it's totally gross. So, I'm going to have to take the seat off from underneath. The trick is to find the right tool in Matt's monster tool box to get the thing off there. The old owners were kind enough to leave behind white plastic seats, but didn't take the time to remove the old seat. Who can blame them?
So, lots of projects! I won't be doing them in order. From easy to hard it's probably: Curtain rod, toilet seat, poncho, sweatsuit, and finally car seat. Which one am I most excited to tackle? The car seat of course!

After writing all of that, I just realized that there are two more projects I want to do. Figures huh? I want to dye the pink canvas of my new double jogger. Black would be the best bet. I also want to switch out the harness on the single jogger. I just need to buy some canvas to reinforce it. Yep... I'm sure there will be more to come... A slip cover for the pink baby swing perhaps. Who knows.

Anyone else going project/craft crazy? Matt thinks I'm nesting. I think it's winter and there's nothing to do. ;)

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