Saturday, February 18, 2012

Out and About

Matt and I went shopping today. Weird huh? Mostly he was looking at guns and gun safes. Yey... Though one gun store had a sign on their door that said, "Nothing in here is worth dying for." Wow! It's true though, why would you try and rob a gun store? I was nervous about taking Avalyn in there because they also have a shooting range and of course have deer heads (and other animals) mounted on the wall. Not my favorite thing. In fact I hate it, but she thought they were "pretty." I don't think she realized they weren't alive. Aw.

The good thing about today is we got to try the Chinese place at Chum's Corners. It was yummy!

We also went to Toy's R Us for the kids. We got our tax returns back and decided to give them each a treat. Avalyn got two wooden puzzles (buy one get one free), and a flower, and Keith got a Lego set. He's starting to realize that his toys are more expensive so $20 doesn't go as far as it used to. We ended up spending less on Avalyn for more stuff.

She loves her flower though.
 She loves lo mein! Keith wouldn't let me take his picture. *sigh*
Anyone else eat good take out lately? Go to a gun store and get grossed out? Just me?

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