Thursday, February 16, 2012


I'm off bed rest! This meant that I could go to Keith's concert tonight. He (and his classmates) did a fantastic job. I have a lot of video for Matt to watch when he get's home.

Avalyn didn't want to watch the whole thing so my Mom and I had to chase her through the school hallways. It was a sort of blessing though, because I found out they have free preschool if the child does early enrollment (assuming they do it again next year). Which means, this time next year I will sign my baby up for classes. Hard to believe she will be three when school starts in 2013. Wow!

Avalyn was very interested in the Reader's Tree in the library.
 "I dancing!"
 Sitting in the chair shaped like a hand.
 Giving me a dirty look because I was interrupting story time with Grandma.
 This is my favorite picture, she just flopped down on her belly and looked at the books.
I would post Keith's videos but they would take forever to load. I'll screen shot them at some point, but I am beat today!

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