Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Sprinkle

Danielle threw me a baby sprinkle this weekend, it was nice to get together with everyone and celebrate little Nicolas. Penny and Danielle gave me a bunch of little boy clothes left over from their own little ones, which was amazing. My mom got the cake and made mud pie (yum!), and Danielle of course found a bunch of recipes to make from Pinterest.

The kids also had a great time. The proof is in the pictures!

This is the look on Penny's face when I told asked her to take pictures.
Note the food in the background. Fruit kabobs!

What are you doing, Aunt Penny?

The hostess.

Yes, I'm weird.

Alyssa was snagging toys. Isn't her dress adorable?

Alyssa the blanket thief! 

Romeo was trying to figure out what the camera was.

The gifts!

Avalyn and Grandma playing with balloons.

Nicolas' cake!

Anyone else have a good weekend with friends and family?

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