Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I totally dropped the ball here… we bought new light fixtures for our main floor. The tiffany style stained glass wasn’t doing it for me – or Matt. In fact, Matt was more adamant about changing them than I was.

Foyer before.

Dining room before

Here are the many boxes!

Kitchen before... not Tiffany style, but still ugly. 

Kitchen after!

Dining room after!

Foyer after!

Oh and here's the living room fan with new globes (ha!), I plan to spray paint the brass oil rubbed bronze. Probably during nap time after Nicolas is born... if I have energy then. We'll see.

The two light fixtures in the basement also got a makeover. I’m not a big fan of boob lights, but they brighten the downstairs a lot, and they were only $9.98 for TWO on sale. So, if one breaks, I’m not going to be broken hearted. I should probably say when, not if. It’s a playroom after all. It’s inevitable that a toy of some kind will be thrown and a light will be broken.

Excuse the weird color, I forgot to correct the white balance. 

 I also went with a boob light for the back room, the little nothing area by the garage door and half bath.
Isn't it pretty?

I went with an oil rubbed bronze finish for everything. Mostly because I like it, and because or door hardware and fireplace door are the same color. Speaking of fireplaces… I want to do built in cabinets on both sides and lower the mantle and center the TV on the mantle. As it stands right now, it’s way too high to watch TV on it without getting a neck ache, and I’m tired on only being able to watch the TV from the couch (it’s tucked in the corner right now). However, I don’t know how to lower the darn mantle! Any ideas? Anyone know how to walk me through it? Is there a good tutorial online somewhere that I’m missing? Any help would be fantastic! 

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