Sunday, April 8, 2012


We had our own private Easter Weekend here. Since Matt switched his on call with another tech (ah kidney stones, making things difficult), we couldn’t go down state and have some family time. But that’s okay. I organized a very small egg hunt, and the kids found their hidden Easter Baskets. They also got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny (which went just as well as last year – Avalyn loves the Easter Bunny… she still hates Santa though).

Avalyn and Keith with the Easter Bunny. Avalyn was so excited!

Avalyn's first Easter and second Easter. She loves that bunny!

It was quiet but nice. I couldn’t ask for more than to be with my wonderful husband and kids. 

Easter egg hunt!

Keith was mad at himself for getting ahead of Avalyn and finding one of her pink eggs. Notice how it's sitting away from the rest of the eggs?

Going through their loot.

Avalyn's basket. I put it together, but forgot to take the tag off from buying the basket last year. D'oh!

Keith's basket - it has a bit more wear and tear!

Side by side!

Mailboxes from Grandma and Grandpa

Happy kids!

Coloring eggs

Isn't our pink counter pretty?

Avalyn was super excited.

Keith was acting angry and freaked out so I don't know what his deal was.

So pretty...

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