Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Then and Now + a Mulletectomy

Okay, here’s a picture of me at 2 side by side with Avalyn at 22 months. Isn’t that neat? I did a comparision of baby book stats as well (how awesome is it that since we share a birthday I can compare things without using math?)… She’s taller than I was at 2, she weighs about eight pounds more than me (big girl!), but she has less hair than I did.

Me circa 1986, Avalyn 2012

Speaking of less hair… We had a mulletectomy today. Avalyn’s hair was just out of control so I chopped it. Matt is not happy with me, and I do miss her curls, but she looks taken care of now. Before it looked like I didn’t bath her or comb her hair and believe me I do both. Frequently!

Here’s the before and after.

The mullet - back view

The mullet - side view

After! Still pretty stinkin' cute!

Anyone else have a kid born on or near their b-day? Am I the only one that likes to compare stats? Anyone else have to de-mullet their child? I hope I'm not alone.

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