Sunday, October 30, 2011

Milestone Update

I haven't done one of these since September!

New words:

42. Duck
43. Pumpkin (kumpkin)
44. Bunny
45. Get it
46. Come here (comere)
47. Cereal
48. Book
49. Cup
50. Straw
51. Step
52. "Moo" as an answer to what a cow says
53. "Mow" (said like cow) as an answer to what a kitty says
54. "Rarr" like a lion or bear
55. Stair
56. Bed
57. Eye
58. Ear
59. Good girl - instead of "thank you"
60. Look
61. See
62. Stuck
63. Yucky

October 3-7 - Grandma came up to visit for a week, it was so much fun!
October 14 - Went to GR to visit grandpa and grandpa
October 15 - State wins against Michigan! And we visited Aunt Penny, Jake, and Andy. Then went to dinner and had goulash at Nana's house
October 16 - Went to Romeo's first birthday party
October 17 - Switched back to the bottle to start weaning - slept in crib for 8 hours. Whoa!
October 28 - Visited Grandpa and Grandma at the cottage
October 29 - Went to the pumpkin patch! Then off to Hofbrau with Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Jim and Aunt Janice. Everyone was dressed up and Avalyn and Keith played games.
October 30 - Grandpa and Grandma visited before heading home, Avalyn painted her pumpkin

Picking pumpkins out!

Sitting in front of a little barn at the pumpkin patch

After making our way through the corn maze. Fun!

Part of the barn - it was so cool!

Keith dressed as a ninja for Hofbrau's Halloween bash!

Avalyn painting her pumpkins

Everyone spending time together and slicing apart pumpkins. Except Avalyn of course!

Our pumpkins! Matt's up top, mine in the middle, and Keith's at the bottom with the spooky eyes!

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