Friday, October 14, 2011


Wow so two weeks have passed since I  posted last. Nice work, Gwen! We have been busy here, my mom visited last week when Matt was out of town for training. We went into town most days and shopped around thrift stores, something that is definitely not Matt's cup of tea, let me tell ya! I ended up buying a great wingback chair at the Women's Resource Center's thrift store. Mom is going to show me how to reupholster it. She also brought up this great hutch to fill the blank wall in my boring dining room. Sweet!

Matt and I also decided not to paint the kitchen cabinets, instead we're going to stain them a cherry color and do a metallic subway tile as a backsplash. This is down the road (when we save up), so don't expect pictures any time soon!

Matt and I got started on the upstairs bathroom, too!

 I also did some family pictures last weekend. Yes, Avalyn is (once again) in her cow harness. She loves him/her.

This one is my favorite:

My kiddos:

Such a silly little girl, and Keith looks like he's ready to be done!
 Avalyn and I also visited the cottage to take some fall photos and document some before pictures of the house itself. In this picture Avalyn is saying, "boody," which means "birdy."
So, that's what we've been up to! More next week. This weekend we're going to be very busy. I can tell this fall/winter/spring is going to be eventful!

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